Are you about to embrace the world of motherhood?

Henna during pregnancy is an ancient practice believed to bring about an easy birth and a healthy child. Henna is also believed to protect and bless the mother from any evil or malicious spirits.

Decorating your beautiful bump is a way of celebrating the body’s physical changes at this special time and looks great.

Baby showers, Henna parties and individual sittings can be arranged.

We also arrange mother blessings which is whole days experience with activities such as yoga, meditation, belly dancing, crafts and lots more. Each blessing can be customised and you can choose the activities that you want in your mother blessing. It is less commercial and not centred round gifts. Instead its all about the mother and celebrating the change into motherhood.


Feedback from a prenatal shoot, thank you Kim – Thank you so much ladies, I loved the whole experience of this, I feel like a true warrior princess! it’s amazing how something like this has brought about a sense of strength for me, as a woman carrying her second child 10yrs on, it’s given me even more connection, I was scared of what pregnancy would be like this time round and this has just made it even more perfect thank you xXx


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