I have been a freelance henna artist now for more than 3 years, all my work is freehand and designed by myself. I have always had a love for art and design and henna allows me to create stunning designs which can be shared.

Henna is much more than a form of body art – it’s about celebration, transition, growth, spirituality, good fortune, adornment and, above all, natural beauty.

“It is a fundamental human trait to use the skin as a canvas for artistic expression. To decorate your own body is the most pertinent expression of individuality and creativity.”
– Mark Smith, ‘Henna Body Art’

Bringing beautiful body art for all to enjoy, incorporating traditional and modern henna patterns to create stunning one-off designs that can be applied anywhere you wish. Parties, individual designs, pre-natal art , all needs catered for.


Henna – also known as Mehindi – has been a form of body-art for thousands of years. The art of henna is a long-standing tradition stemming from many ancient cultures, India and Arabia being perhaps the best known.

The Henna plant leaves are ground and turned into a paste using essential oils, which can then be applied to the body to form a semi-permanent tattoo.

Traditionally henna is applied on the hands and feet; however, it can be applied anywhere on the body to create beautiful body-art.

Black Henna – There is no such thing as black Henna. Authentic Henna is naturally a red/brown colour. Black henna contains a dye called PPD  (which stands for paraphenylenediamin) . Under European rules, it is illegal to use PPD in black henna.




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