YOU are beautiful.


Wow what a women! I am so honoured and privileged to call this beautiful being my friend. After having chemotherapy Sarah lost her hair. She fully embraced this and allowed me to make her beautiful head, a piece of art. She rocked my art work and I am very grateful that she had the confidence in me to allow me to get creative.

SARAH you brave, beautiful women. Thank you!

12193784_1634879933452700_2540685588013404966_n 12193817_1634879973452696_3017313726483747809_n  12195873_1634879946786032_4028277387814888833_n


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  1. I lost my hair due to having 9 weeks of chemotherapy. I loved my hair and was dreading losing it. But once I knew it was going to happen I got in touch with carly to do the henna on my head. What she did blew me away. I didn’t expect a full head of henna. It looked amazing . She even used glitter henna and it looked absolutely amazing. I’ve even had the confidence to walk round bald to showork it off xxx it’s been 10 days now and it’s still there. I moisturise it every day xxx thank you carly xxxx you are amazing and your passion for you work is heartwarming xxxx


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