Prenatal shoot with the beautiful Kim Fletcher


Well what a week Hippy Henna has had. I have had the privilege of working with the beautiful Kim Fletcher and creating a gorgeous tribal inspired prenatal henna piece. All captured by the great Julie Lou (IArtizan).

Henna during pregnancy is an ancient practice believed to bring about an easy birth and a healthy child. Henna is also believed to protect and bless the mother from any evil or malicious spirits.

The bump creation can also be teamed with a baby shower so everyone can experience the joys of henna.

Please get in contact if you would like your own bump creation and experience.

Kim’s thoughts on the day – Thank you so much ladies, I loved the whole experience of this, I feel like a true warrior princess! it’s amazing how something like this has brought about a sense of strength for me, as a woman carrying her second child 10yrs on, it’s given me even more connection, I was scared of what pregnancy would be like this time round and this has just made it even more perfect thank you xXx

_MG_7921hjhv _MG_7962vgjh _MG_7950hjgm _MG_8075vjh


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