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Henna Drum Skins


Through the 20th century, women across North Africa and the Middle East owned and played drums for their own pleasure  and at festivals, parties and weddings. They often patterned their drum heads with henna, just as they patterned their skin.  Goat skin drum heads are easy to henna, and are hennaed the same way as skin is hennaed.  Paints will chip, smear, or wear off a drum head, while henna will stain the hide and not wear, smear, chip or harm the head.

Personalised designs can be created.



Prenatal shoot with the beautiful Kim Fletcher


Well what a week Hippy Henna has had. I have had the privilege of working with the beautiful Kim Fletcher and creating a gorgeous tribal inspired prenatal henna piece. All captured by the great Julie Lou (IArtizan).

Henna during pregnancy is an ancient practice believed to bring about an easy birth and a healthy child. Henna is also believed to protect and bless the mother from any evil or malicious spirits.

The bump creation can also be teamed with a baby shower so everyone can experience the joys of henna.

Please get in contact if you would like your own bump creation and experience.

Kim’s thoughts on the day – Thank you so much ladies, I loved the whole experience of this, I feel like a true warrior princess! it’s amazing how something like this has brought about a sense of strength for me, as a woman carrying her second child 10yrs on, it’s given me even more connection, I was scared of what pregnancy would be like this time round and this has just made it even more perfect thank you xXx

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