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What is Henna and how is it made?


Henna – also known as Mehindi – has been a form of body-art for thousands of years. The art of henna is a long-standing tradition stemming from many ancient cultures, India and Arabia being perhaps the best known.

The Henna plant leaves are ground and turned into a paste using essential oils, which can then be applied to the body to form a semi-permanent tattoo.

Traditionally henna is applied on the hands and feet; however, it can be applied anywhere on the body to create beautiful body-art.

Black Henna – There is no such thing as black Henna. Authentic Henna is naturally a red/brown colour. Black henna contains a dye called PPD  (which stands for paraphenylenediamin) . Under European rules, it is illegal to use PPD in black henna.


Hippy Henna has press coverage….


Former Phones 4u manager starts henna tattoo business after losing job

By The Sentinel  |  Posted: December 10, 2014

Former Phones 4u manager Carly Oliver launches Hippy HennaFormer Phones 4u manager Carly Oliver launches Hippy Henna
The 30-year-old had worked for the mobile phone company since leaving school at the age of 18 and immediately started applying for vacancies after being made redundant in September.FORMER Phones 4u manager Carly Oliver has set up a freelance henna tattoo business after losing her job in the retailer’s collapse.

But it was only when she came across her old henna design book that she considered branching out on her own.

Carly, of Bath Terrace, Stoke, said: “I worked as a store manager and then as a sales team manager for Phones 4u.

“I went into work and was told to go home until further notice and then I was told they were making everyone redundant.

“I was surprised and nervous. I had worked there since I was a teenager.

“I instantly applied for a new job. In fact I applied for 25 in the first week and I had to apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance for the first time.”

Coming across her old design book which she thought she had lost two years ago inspired Carly to go into business.

She has now launched Hippy Henna and is looking forward to being in charge of her own destiny.

Carly said: “Finding the book was weird because I had lost it for so long.

“It gave me some direction. I have always loved art and design and it just seemed like it was meant to be.

“Six weeks after losing my job, I had set up my own website.

“I am trying to specialise in prenatal henna. I want women to embrace natural beauty and the change they go through.

“At Phones 4u, I was so caught up in everyday life, working and paying bills.

“I thought I was secure but I am more secure running my own business knowing where it is going – I will not get any nasty surprises.”

David Akahum, of London Road, Stoke, who has known Carly for three years, said his friend has blossomed since launching her business.

He said: “Carly had a fairly high position and a fairly predictable life – she had a job and holidays and then it was pulled away from under her feet.

“Now, she is nowhere near as stressed as she was and she looks healthier.”