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Henna Heals – You are beautiful!



Hippy Henna parties!


Well, just got back from a Hippy Henna children’s party. They all loved their personalised henna tattoos. With the cost of living continuing to rise, here at hippy henna we want everybody to experience great body art, that is why we keep our parties affordable. Get in contact if you would like to book your personal party. Book your personalised party today. kids party

Affordable Henna parties for children!


Here at Hippy Henna we want all to experience the enjoyment of natural body art.
Henna is completely safe and natural, it has been used traditionally for thousands of years by children and adults.
Is it your kiddywinks birthday soon? Why not have a Henna party!
I can also do glitter parties, instead of henna glitter cones are used which can be washed off straight away if needed.
Interactive, creative and affordable.
Call today to book your Hippy Henna party!

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Where are you going to have your henna tattoo ?


Henna is natural so can be applied on most parts of the body. Where would you have yours? What type of design are you after? Get in contact so we can begin creating your own personalised temporary tattoo.

Henna art is only temporary so you can get a new design whenever you want. Typically henna tattoos last for 1-3 weeks. Henna when first done will leave a light to medium colour, which then gets darker over the following 48hrs.


Henna Collection

Prenatal Henna


Are you about to embrace the world of motherhood?

Henna during pregnancy is an ancient practice believed to bring about an easy birth and a healthy child. Henna is also believed to protect and bless the mother from any evil or malicious spirits.

Decorating your beautiful bump is a way of celebrating the body’s physical changes at this special time and looks great.Prenatal Henna